Database of the Terezín inmates and persons deported to the Łódź and Minsk ghettoes and to the Ujazdów labor camp

Database of the Terezín inmates and persons deported to the Łódź and Minsk ghettoes and to the Ujazdów labor camp presented on its web pages by the Terezín Memorial (hereafter solely TM) marks another step in the state institution’s efforts to extend its coverage in commemorating all the victims of Nazi terror, hence also those people who did not pay the ultimate price. Starting in 2014, researchers will newly find in the database also the names of those inmates who lived to see the liberation of Terezín, who survived incarceration in another concentration or labor camp or a death march.

Up till now the general public could get information on murdered inmates or survivors of the Holocaust solely from the pages of the first Terezín Memorial Book for the Czech Lands, published in 1995. 1 Memorial Books for the Terezín inmates from Germany 2 and Austria 3 followed in the subsequent years. In the era of electronic and digital communication it was primarily the Terezín Initiative Institute which – working in collaboration with the TM – has taken a major share in efforts to commemorate the Holocaust victims on its web pages

Therefore, the database of the Jewish victims and survivors, presented on its web pages by the TM, should be perceived as one of the further sources of supplementary information on the fates of all the Terezín inmates. In addition to the new data on the survivors, the TM offers visitors to its web pages an opportunity to find additional information on the place of birth of such persons, data which had figured in the previous Memorial Books and other search engines to a very limited extent indeed. The database of the Terezín inmates on the TM web pages contains more than 66 700 entries on the place of birth of inmates, out of which over 54 080 entries are related to people included in “regular“ (i.e. not “evacuation“) transports to Terezín or further to the East.

The TM database also brings new information concerning hitherto unexplained fate of the people deported from the Terezín Ghetto to the East to labor, concentration and extermination camps and ghettoes. Proceeding from the research into various archive funds, it was possible to supplement 113 new data on the place of death of inmates. The biggest file containing newly acquired findings constitutes a package of data tracing the fate of more than 1 200 people who had been reported in the previous documents as having perished in the place of their deportation, most frequently in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In the TM database you will also find 48 persons who have not yet been identified as Terezín Ghetto inmates. 4

Last but not least we are in a position to help researchers in their quest tracing the fate of the missing inmates; we also publish almost 4 400 camp numbers assigned to the Terezín Ghetto inmates.

The numbers and other data given in this search engine reflect the status of the relevant research at the beginning of 2014.

The TM database respects the right of the living former Terezín inmates to the protection of their personal data, publishing only information on those persons who have given their express consent with publication. The electronic format of the TM database, devoted to the Holocaust victims, makes it possible to update and eventually correct shared information. That is why we would like to ask all the visitors to these web pages, who are prepared to supplement or specify some of the given information, to send us their suggestions and comments by e-mail to the following address:

We would like to thank you for your help.

1 Miroslav Kárný, kol.: Terezínská pamětní kniha (Terezín Memorial Book), 2. sv. (second vol.), Nadace Terezínská iniciativa - Melantrich, Prague 1995 (in Czech). In spite of evident disadvantages, such as the impossibility to update many inaccurate or erroneous data, these printed sources proved to be unique in that they also contained names of the inmates who had survived their imprisonment during the occupation.
2 Miroslav Kárný, Michal Frankl, kol.: Theresienstädter Gedenkbuch. Die Opfer der Judentransporte aus Deutschland 1942-1945, Institut Terezínské iniciativy - Academia, Prague 2000 (in German).
3 Theresienstadter Gedenkbuch. Österreichische Jüdinnen und Juden in Theresienstadt 1942-1945, Institut Terezínské iniciativy - Dokumentationsarchiv des Österreichischen Widerstandes, Prague 2005 (in German).
4 Data on the ”new“ inmates of the Terezín Ghetto come from a file registering liberated inmates of the Terezín Ghetto, kept in the National Archives in Prague.

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